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Lighting knowledge for professionals – in-depth, practical, international

With a total of twelve TRILUX Akademies in ten countries, we impart cutting-edge lighting technology expertise, ranging from photometric and electro-technical fundamentals to new technologies and country-specific aspects such as normative lighting design standards or subsidy programmes.

Our portfolio is geared especially towards lighting designers, specialist electrical planners, architects, installers and all those who deal professionally with light. It covers a wide range of fundamentals for newcomers to the profession all the way to highly specific knowledge for seasoned experts.

At our Akademie locations, we offer practical and personal knowledge transfer on-site. In addition to a broad online portfolio in the form of webinars, registered users also have the option of accessing photometric know-how in the form of e-learnings and webcasts via our light knowledge portal to stay informed at all times.


Practical know-how at first hand

Highly practical know-how direct from the experts – TRILUX Akademie seminars focus primarily on providing you with optimum support for any challenge. Seminars are carried out by specialists with many years of professional experience, communicating their knowledge in a comprehensible and practical way.

The exchange of information, discussions and interactivity are focused on achieving optimum learning and training effects.

The small group size – typically a maximum of 15 attendees – ensures individual attention and a good working atmosphere.



Up-to-date lighting knowledge for your employees: we are happy to organise individual training seminars for your company, either online or on-site. These seminars are led by highly qualified experts. They usually last one hour, are free of charge and all attendees receive a certificate.

Webinars / Webcasts

Education and training, from the workplace

Education and training conveniently from your home office or workplace: online seminars by TRILUX Akademie are not only highly convenient but also reduce effort in terms of travel, time and costs. Participants are trained in virtual seminar rooms on the latest light and lighting themes, in less than one hour.

Webinars / Webcasts

Theme days

Valuable compact knowledge

What is the best way to gain an overview and deep insights into a complex specialist topic? At the TRILUX Theme Days. They offer participants a holistic view of a specific area of specialisation and impart valuable compact knowledge.

Well-known experts will provide intensive and sometimes even controversial practical insights from differing points of view. After each expert presentation there will be enough time for discussions and exchange of experiences.

Theme days


For more knowledge about light

Conferences are a tried and tested information format for trends and developments. Within this framework, our speakers focus on the topic of “light”. For example, the benefits of the increasing digitalisation in building technology, or health and well-being in the workplace, or when sustainability and energy efficiency are setting the agenda.

With their high level of expertise and their captivating rhetoric, our speakers clearly succeed in presenting the importance of light in every aspect.


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