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30.10.2017 | Lighting knowlege

New, innovative lighting technologies in many cases indicate investments in new lighting systems. The decision is always also a question of cost-efficiency: will the investment pay in the long term? And on which date could the payback period be achieved through saved operating costs? An ideal TRILUX online tool is available that provides a quick overview of the economic advantages and disadvantages.


the tool for reliable efficiency forecasts


The efficiency calculator provides dependable information about the cost-efficiency of investments in innovative, intelligent and energy-saving lighting installations. With its simple operation and intelligent user guidance the online tool offers reliable and conclusive results highly quickly. Quantitative statements about CO2 savings also provide a welcome supplementary feature.


For calculation purposes, all economically relevant parameters are entered into a clear input mask. Luminaire, system and utilisation data are taken into account as well as system, lamp, maintenance and energy costs. Connection to the TRILUX online catalogue ensures that product data is always up-to-date. Clear graphic displays, e.g. the analysis of yearly total costs or the sequence of investment and operating costs make everything clearly understandable at first glance.


Calculation results are summarised in easily understandable tables to support customer-specific decision processes. These include statements concerning energy efficiency, reduction of carbon dioxide, costs and payback periods for relevant planning fundamentals.


intelligent user interface

Intelligent user guidance support users with their quick and time-saving input of data. The TRILUX efficiency calculator can be used in three different modes:

    • "Quick" for an initial exploration of the cost-efficiency opportunities
    • "Standard" for a more detailed analysis
    • "Enhanced" for providing reliable cost-efficiency forecasts

In this context, useful standard values are offered for several system parameters, including suggestions for power costs, operating durations, inflation rates and interest on capital.

These can of course be overwritten by the user. Use of TRILUX luminaires in the system comparisons via coupling to the TRILUX online catalogue provides an advantage that should not be underestimated: relevant technical parameters such as power consumption and service life are entered automatically into the form without the user needing to carry out his own research.

The available example systems (e.g. office building/open-plan office) can significantly simplify use because users only need to overwrite the specifications that deviate.


results as an aid for decisions

The efficiency calculator outputs the annual energy cost saving, annual total costs of the system and other results that could also be a help when evaluating the cost efficiency. The expected payback time in particular provides valuable information about return of the invested capital. The savings accumulated up to the end of the system operational duration are output as TPO (Total Profit of Ownership). Graphic presentations supplement the information.


project documentation

Individually created projects can of course be saved to a local PC, archived and then further processed later via uploading to the online efficiency calculator Also useful is the possibility to create a project report that includes all project data, evaluations, graphics and data sheets of the used products.


correct use of the efficiency calculator

with the trilux akademie

The results and possible conclusions do of course depend on the skill and experience of the user. Those capable of correctly determining system parameters and optimally using the supporting features of the calculator (e.g. example systems, standard values, comparative technologies and programme automatisms) are able to more quickly and precisely identify the economical advantages and disadvantages of a new installation with energy-saving lighting systems.


the trilux akademie helps

The free webinar "Quickly understood: the TRILUX Efficiency Calculator" communicates the necessary know-how and introduces users to the functions of the efficiency calculator.

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