Smart solutions - intelligence beyond lighting (AM) (WEUK0603)


Target group
Architects, Lighting Designers, Electrical Consultants, Contractors, FM's and End Users

Learning aim
Our buildings are full of electrical connections to provide light. This is a happy coincidence that can now be utilised to transmit data – but what does this mean in practical terms? Apart from using energy wisely these systems can provide information of the use of a space, especially useful now that we need to reduce occupancy of rooms to limit the transmittance of viruses, they can give feedback on the quality of air, or even the most efficient use of storage in a warehouse. Data is the the new “black gold”. In this webinar we look at some of the possibilites.

Technical preconditions
You need Internet access, telephone or VoIP (microphone and loudspeaker or headset).

Participation fee / additional benefits

  • Digital services
  • Cloud enabled
  • Technical services
  • Project management
  • Meet the doorman SAM
UK: 09.30 - 10.30 am
UAE (Dubai): 13.30 - 14.30 pm
The webinar is live at your own desk.

Event dates

Dates Location Language Price*
20.07.2021 English 0.00 GBP Book now

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