HCL - The future of light in the retail trade (WEUK0706) PM


Target group
Retail, Industry, Commerce, Cities and Municipalties

Learning aim
Human Centric Lighting has been well researched to date, but scientific findings are still lacking for the retail sector.

Oktalite as a lighting specialist for the retail trade wants to close this gap. To study the effect of light on people, a case study was conducted at two EDEKA supermarkets in Lower Saxony over a total period of ten months with 329 customers and 39 employees.

The study compared a supermarket with a dynamic HCL lighting concept to a reference store with static LED lighting. Both stores were surveyed 3 times during the period with regard to well-being, satisfaction and perception of the atmosphere following the course of the day. At the same time data was collected on sales development, time spent in the store, sick leave of the staff and key light-related parameters.

Join us for this webinar to discover the effect this had on turnover, levels of service and atmosphere, and also teh consequences for staff relating to absenteeism, daytime sleepiness, well-being and sleep quality.

Technical preconditions
You need Internet access, telephone or VoIP (microphone and loudspeaker or headset).

Participation fee / additional benefits

  • Parameters of the research project
  • Findings and results in detail
  • Understanding behind these statistics
  • A glimpse into the future of retail
UK: 01.00 pm - 01.30 pm
UAE (Dubai): 04.00 pm - 04.30 pm
The webinar is live at your own desk.

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