Circular Economy (AM) (WEUK0602)


Target group
Lighting Designers, Architects, Sustainability Managers, Consulting Engineers

Learning aim
The world must sit up and design for the future, therefore we need to understand the impact of lighting on our finte resources and to look at a new way to re-use valuable commodities and materials. This has an impact on the ownership of products and the subsequent responsibility of re-using and recycling. The ultimate aim of a circular economy is to reduce waste by 100%. TRILUX are a founder member of the Repro-light project, which aims to harness innovative technologies and materials to design a modular luminaire architecture with a smart production scheme as part of the circular economy, a reconfigurable customised LED luminaire, the "luminaire of the future".

Technical preconditions
You need Internet access, telephone or VoIP (microphone and loudspeaker or headset).

Participation fee / additional benefits

  • A look at trends in various sectors of industry and the direction this gives to lighting
  • Leading to a sustainable approach to our built environment and also thinking about how we will react in the future
  • Well thought out design at the manufacturing stage, both in product design, lighting design, maximising energy consumption and using it wisely
  • How do we measure the carbon footprint - resource passport
  • A different financing model - pay per use
  • Responsibility - who should hold this?
  • Case study of a completed project in the Netherlands
  • A look at trends in various sectors of industry and the direction this gives to lighting
UK: 09.00 - 10.00 am
UAE (Dubai): 12.00 - 01.00 pm
The webinar is live at your own desk.

Event dates

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