Lighting for healthcare (CPD)

Now lighting design is beginning to take into account our biological responses to create more productive, healthier environments - your circadian (latin for "of the day") rhythm controls many functions of your body. It is entrained by the changing spectral distribution of light - adjusting your body to the environment that it is experiencing. This has been proved to be beneficial especially within healthcare environments and can greatly improve the quality of life for elderly or dementia patients. So this sector of our society have now had the benefits of using lighting in this way for some time and there are some case studies that show impressive results.
In this lunchtime seminar we will look at real installations and the effect over time on both patients and staff alike.

Target group
Architects, Electrical Consultants, Facility Managers, Health Care Professionals

approx. 1 hour

Participation / additional benefits
Participation certificate

  • The effects of ageing on the eye
  • How lighting can improve wellbeing
  • How lighting can improve the environmental factors including safety
  • The hidden benefits for staff and families
  • Case studies looking at the benefits for patients and all subsequently all stake holders within the project
On request
By appointment only, please contact to arrange.

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