Light as a managed service

TRILUX offers comprehensive services for professional lighting within the circular economy. Optimising the use of goods and materials, re-cycling at the end of their viable life, sustainable manufacturing processes are the basis of good product design and manufacturing, but supply chain sustainability and product life cycle sustainability are integral to the circular economy. When adding the other service requirements such as finance, maintenance, and data management we can start to stretch longevity and balance timing of updates versus energy usage, bringing real value to the future economy.

Target group
Design Engineers, Electrical Consultants, Lighting Designers, Contractors, Architects & Facility Managers

approx. 1 hour

Participation / additional benefits
Participation certificate

  • Basics of the performance standard for luminaires
  • Requirements of LED luminaires
  • Measurement values
  • User benefits
  • ENEC+ as a tender characteristic?
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