Is light a drug? (CPD)

If we feel strengthened by the morning sun or relax when walking in the evening sun, this is not just imagined and is not accidental either, because sunlight changes its colour composition during the course of the day to control many biological processes in the human body. For example, the blue light component in the morning is especially high to provide an activating effect that promotes concentration. In the evening on the other hand, the blue component in sunlight lessens while red increases – the melatonin level and fatigue increase. Because people mostly spend their time in closed rooms though, these important impulses influencing the biological rhythm are often lost. Intelligent, biologically effective lighting solutions offer an alternative.

Target group
Design Engineers, Electrical Consultants, Lighting Designers, Contractors, Architects & Facility Managers

approx. 1 hour

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Participation certificate / This seminar is CIBSE accredited.


  • Focussing on human biological response to lighting.
  • Recapping the biology of light and its effect on our circadian rhythms, human well-being and health.
  • Case studies on lighting in education projects.
  • Looking at research to improve the environment for elderly people & dementia wards.
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