HCL 2.0 (CPD)

There has been a lot of controversy in the lighting industry about using the term Human Centric Lighting to mean active or dynamic lighting i.e. colour temperature changes and lux level changes. The good lighting designers say that they
have always focused their designs on the human and their needs. So rather than focusing on just one aspect of lighting we need to bring everything back into perspective and look at the totality of lighting requirements, including biological,
non-visual and emotional responses. The human needs to be put first, now is the time to re-brand lighting.

Target group
Architects, Electrical Consultants, Facility Manager

approx. 1 hour

Participation / additional benefits
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  • The psychological element
  • The feel good factor of daylight
  • Energy efficiency versus quality
  • The biological element - visual and non-visual
  • Getting the basics right
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By appointment only, please contact akademie@trilux.co.uk to arrange.

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