Circular economy - a move towards sustainability (CPD)

The aim of this lunchtime seminar is to understand the impact of lighting on our finite resources and to look at a new way to re-use valuable commodities and materials. This has an impact on the ownership of products and the subsequent responsibility of re-using and recycling. The ultimate aim of a circular economy is to reduce waste by 100%.

Target group
Lighting Designers, Architects, Sustainability Managers, Consulting Engineers

approx. 1 hour

Participation / additional benefits
Participation certificate

  • A look at trends in various sectors of industry and the direction this gives to lighting
  • Leading to a sustainable approach to our built environment and also thinking about how we will react in the future
  • Well thought out design at the manufacturing stage, both in product design, lighting design, maximising energy consumption and using it wisely
  • How do we measure the carbon footprint - Resource Passport
  • A different financing model - pay per use
  • Responsibility - who should hold this?
  • Case study of a completed project in the Netherlands
On request
By appointment only, please contact to arrange.

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