Light quality - TM30 explained (WEES0502)



Target group
Lighting Designers, Architects, Consulting Engineers
Learning aim
Daylight is our ultimate reference point for good lighting that reveals all aspects of our surroundings. Up until now artifical light sources have always compromised in one area or another. Now the technology is available for huge improvements – but are we well informed enough to understand and use this progress? In this webinar we explain the points to look out for and the new metix to convey our requirements. Do not just accept what has become the “norm” push for better quality and great lighting.
Technical requirements
You need Internet access, telephone or VoIP (microphone and loudspeaker or headset).

The Webcast is available on the light knowledge portal - Register → HERE

Spain: Akademie-ES


  • Understanding colour, CRI and TM30 explained
  • Variation in light and shade
  • Accent light and how to use it
  • Glare control
  • Flicker explained

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