Environmentally friendly lighting (WEES0201)



Target group
Architects, Lighting Designers, Electrical Consultants, Contractors, FM's and End Users
Learning aim
The habitat of insects is dwindling, insecticides are affecting them - but so are humans, who turn night into day with artificial lighting. Reducing insect mortality is a central challenge. In the webcast we inform you about important parameters and possibilities of insect-friendly outdoor lighting.
Approx. 15 minutes
Technical requirements
You need Internet access, telephone or VoIP (microphone and loudspeaker or headset).

The Webcast is available on the light knowledge portal - Register → HERE

Spain: Akademie-ES


  • Insects and their role in ecosystems
  • Current status of insect mortality
  • How and why are insects attracted to light?
  • What role does LED lighting play?
  • Practical tips and planning parameters for insect-friendly outdoor lighting

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